Little Bird Tales - Premium District Info will be shutting down June 30, 2023!

Premium Family License

A Premium Family Account allows you to give everyone in your household or homeschool their own account within a secure, family friendly environment.

  • Create individual accounts (email addresses not required).
  • Automatically be made am editor of children's work.
  • Manger tool for managing accounts.
  • Access to Little Bird Lessons and teacher tools.
  • Email address book makes it easy to share your Tales.
  • Create PDFs, embed, create MP4 movies.
Features Little Bird Tales
Create family member accounts Yes
Kid friendly environment Yes
Record audio Yes
Integrated art pad Yes
Import photos Yes
Family Photo/Image gallery Yes
Embed, Email, Create PDF Yes
100s of lessons K-6, Common Core Yes
Create Interactive Lessons Yes
Record Lesson Instructions Yes
Admin access for family Yes
MP4 movie export Yes
Free iOS app available Yes
Storage: Administrators/members 200 MB/100 MB
Easy to use? Even for kids? Yes

Premium Family (5 members): $9.99

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Can be used in countless ways!

Art Pad
Easy and fun! Kids love using their own art and voice to share their stories and ideas. It's easy to get students excited and involved when they can draw and record their voices online!
Build a Tale
Easy enough for kids, versatile enough for adults: use tales to share a vacation, present a special event, send an e-card, write a story, chronicle yearly activities, create a recipe book.
Hundreds of interactive lessons available for grades K-6, or easily create your own. Little Bird Tales' art pad, text and voice recording make it easy and fun to get creative.
Why use someone else's pictures when creating a story or lesson? Use your own photos to create truly unique works with your personal touch. Use photos for backgrounds, e-cards, etc!
Voice Recording
Voice Record
Perhaps the most exciting tool Little Bird Tales offers is the voice recorder. Students have a voice and Little Bird Tales gives them the tools they need to share it with everyone.
Little Bird Tales is an ideal presentation tool and can be used with large groups or emailed with narration. Give your audience your voice, even when you're not there.
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