May 2015

We have some very exciting news to share with you. We have just released a new FREE app, increased class sizes for free teacher accounts, added Premium Family Accounts, and we have made changes that will affect all free accounts. Please review these changes as they may effect your ability to retrieve data in the future.

The Little Bird Tales Team

Free App Now Supports Lesson Plans

  • Now students can download Little Bird Lessons to their iPad! The Little Bird Tales App makes storytelling, lessons, journals, science logs, and more, fun and portable! Take LBT anywhere iPads can go!
  • Use pre-built Lesson Plans (Common Core aligned K-6) to save time, or create your own with your own recorded instructions.
  • Read a story, poem, or an excerpt from a book, create an interview, ask a question in a target language, so much more!
  • Easily assign lessons to a whole class or to individual students.
  • Students retrieve assigned lessons and send completed lessons back for review.
  • Shared iPads? No problem! Out iOS app now supports individual accounts!
  • Students can HEAR your instruction.
  • Students can RECORD their response.
  • Students can draw and show their work using the art pad, take photos, or use photos stored on their device.
  • Students can type their answers in the text box.
  • Playback completed lessons like a story. Makes review fun and easy.
  • App was previously $2.99, now it’s FREE!
  • Free accounts available for teachers individuals and families.
  • No ads or external links. Ever! We hate them too and we care as much about your child’s internet safety as you do.

More Free Features for Teachers

  • Raised Free Teacher limit to 100 students.
  • Lesson creation tools for free teacher accounts.
  • Free app compatible with all Little Bird Tales accounts.
  • Record audio, draw using our art pad, use your own photos, easily share and embed tales, print PDFs, and more.
  • Share your images and your lessons in Community Gallery and/or Community Lesson Library, and use those shared by others! (Coming Late 2015)

Changes to All Free Accounts

  • Free accounts are now limited to 90 days of data storage. Premium accounts are not affected.
  • New Free Account storage limits are 10 MB for teachers/individuals and 5 MB for students.
  • Teachers can now transfer student work to Premium Family accounts.
  • Starting September 30, 2015, data/work older than 90 days will be subject to deletion if not upgraded to a Premium account.
  • After September 30, 2015, data limits will be applied to all Free accounts.
  • You can save your data by doing the following:
    • Purchase an MP4 of tales you want to keep.
    • Generate a PDF
    • Upgrade to a Premium Teacher Account
    • Upgrade Free Individual account to a Premium Family Account
    • Transfer student data to a Premium Family account
    • Auto generate free Family Accounts during data transfer process
  • To transfer student data to a Premium Family account:
    1. Log in to teacher account on
    2. Click on the 'Manage Classes' button
    3. Click on the appropriate class
    4. Click the Transfer link to the right of the student to transfer
    5. Verify/enter the parent email address for the student
    6. Click the Transfer button

    When the data transfer is complete, you will be notified with an alert and an email will be sent to the email address associated with the student letting them know the transfer has taken place, and how to access it.

    Sample letter to parents informing them of options to save student work.

    Sample letter to parents informing them student work transferred to an auto generated Family account (free for 21 days, no credit card needed).

Premium Family Accounts

  • All the benefits of a Premium Teacher Account, but downsized for a family. Starting at $9.99 a year.
  • Family accounts include 1 manager account (100MB), and 4 additional family member accounts (100MB each) and 10 MP4 downloads for $9.99 a year. Additional family members can be added for $1.25 each.
  • Access to Premium Lesson plans.
  • Create custom lessons, challenges, or interviews to keep your kids engaged.
  • Read a story in your own voice for your kids to playback when you are not there.
  • Save stories to your iOS device so your child can enjoy them anywhere they go.
  • Free app for easy use on the go, then save your stories back to your family account for safe keeping.
  • Create movies of stories as gifts! Put them on a CD or thumb drive for easy sharing.
  • Download PDFs and print to create your own book, report or storyboard.
  • Get creative! Send an LBT as a thank you note, an invitation, to share BIG news, to create a commercial for a fundraiser, and so much more.

Limited Time Offer

  • Upgrade before June 31, 2015 and we’ll extend your Premium account to August 31, 2016! Plus we will double your free MP4 downloads.
  • Must upgrade or create a new account using this special offer code “FreeSummer2015” be eligible for this deal.
  • Give kids the gift of LBT all year long and get a summer free.
  • Start a summer book club to keep in touch with your students and use LBT to create fun and interactive book club lessons or reviews.
  • 2x MP4 allowance per account means you’ll have enough for this year’s students, and next year’s too.
  • Get acquainted with our lessons now, and work them into your lesson plans for next year.
  • Create your own lessons or interviews for your new class over summer break! Get them excited about school right from the start.