Little Bird Tales - Storytelling for everyone

Share your story, knowledge, and voice with the world!

Use it in countless ways!

happy family enjoys digital publishing
Digital publishing allows you to share photos of special occasions, send ecards and ebooks, narrate a story, archive artwork, create a baby journal ...
student uses technology for digital storytelling
Easy to use for reports, journals, creative writing, podcasts, commercials, history timelines, science experiments, drawing, ebooks, independent learning, collaborative learning ...
a classroom of students use iPads
Digital storytelling is perfect for STEAM or STEM integration, language acquisition, interactive lessons, oral reading, collaborative writing, sequencing, class projects, year books, "how to" videos, common core lessons, webinars, online education ...
art pad tools make illustration easy
Art Pad
Easy and fun! Kids love to use their own art, voice, and ideas to create a digital storybook. It's easy to get children actively engaged in technology when they can draw and record their voices online or with their iPad!
tale playback provides beautiful ebooks
Build a Tale
Easy enough for children, versatile enough for adults: create a tale to share a vacation, present a special event, send an ecard, write a story, chronicle yearly activities, create a recipe book ...
lessons allow for common core online education
Access hundreds of K-6 interactive lessons tied to Common Core, or easily create and customize your own. The art pad, text, and voice recording tools make it easy to have fun with the educational standards.
child taking digital photograph, easy to upload
Why use stock images when creating a story or lesson? Upload your own photos to create truly unique works with your personal touch, and edit using our art pad tools. Great for e-books, thank you notes, backgrounds, e-cards, memes ...
educator presentation of K-12 tools
Little Bird Tales is an ideal presentation tool for live presentations and can also be emailed for online education. Use as a webinar to educate your audience with your voice even when you aren't there.
young girl narrates her ebook
Voice Record
Children have a voice and Little Bird Tales gives them the tools they need to share it with everyone! With voice recorders for both teacher instruction and student answers and narration, the possiblilites are endless! Little Bird Tales is digital storytelling with a voice.
  • Step 1 Create or upload your artwork to each page.
  • Step 2 Record your voice and add text to each page.
  • Step 3 Email friends and family your finished book.
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